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Mind Dynamic and Business Training 1

CidMePa Group - Completed training course (Mindfulness) from 1975 to 1978


Leadership and Awareness Course (Geneva). Assistant instructor for 4 days a month from 1978 to 1982, for a total of 120 days of presence.

Robbins Ass.
Encinitas, California

Firewalk - how to recognize the mental structure of fear and turn it into the ability to act.

Practitioner of NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming)

Date with Destiny - integration and implementation of a code of values in one's professional and personal decision-making process, the basis for taking control of one's daily life in an ethical manner (1990-1991).

Master in NLP

Master in NLP - Neurolinguistic Programming, with Richard Bandler San Diego CA 1991.

CTT Certification

"Consultant in culture change" certification, both corporate and personal - Barrett Values Center (2011 London)


Eriksonian Hypnosis 300 hours of training conducted with Stephen Gilligan Phd (direct pupil of Milton Erikson) 2005-2017.

Various specializations in third generation NLP with Robert Dilts on the identity and mental structure of success.

Mindfullness: Kryia Yoga meditation training (three hours a day for 3 years). Basic training of Shaolin Lama, in the tradition of the lineage of Lahiri Mahasaya and Shri Yukteshwarji (masters of Yogananda) under the guidance of Shaolin Lama Genshen, pupil of Paramahansa Sanakananda.

Coaching key points

Cognitive restructuring
Professional empowerment to take charge of your career
Ethical negotiation
Building trust and rapport in relationships
Mission and Passion
Career Planning
Conscious Leadership
Value Driven Decision Process
How to recover from a crisis
The mindset of success
Leadership and Authenticity
Leadership of Service and Ego Transcendence
Non-violent Ethics Communication
Balancing Common Good and Personal Interest

Examples of turnaround work

American School of Milan
Complete turnaround of the school. As a board member in charge of the Strategic Committee. Rebuilt the direction of the school through new mission and identity. Realigned the school's entire structure to the new values. Involved in the new culture all stakeholders: administrators, teachers, parents and students. As a result approved and implemented restructuring of 12 MM of euro to transform the "American School of Milan" into the "school of choice" for the Milanese (2005-2012).

Meroni Comunicare
Restructured the company culture to allow the company, seriously affected by the Italian crisis of 2008, to successfully reposition itself in the field of communication (from 2007 to 2018 ongoing).

Seminars and workshops

Business culture course conducted at the Master del Sole 24 hours in 2012 (40 hours).
Presentation at Rotary North on "Aware Leadership" 2013.
Workshop "Change: getting out of the comfort zone", Bocconi University - Milan, 2016 - 2018.
Workshop on the culture of awareness YPO Rome 2018.
Workshop on the culture of awareness YPO Lugano 2018.
The Conscious Business Group monthly workshops from 2007 to 2014 on culture of awareness and service leadership (about 70 workshops).
Workshop on the Culture of Consciousness - Santo Domingo (RD) 2018

Luigi Zoia

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