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Fall seven times ...rise eight times

The autobiography of an entrepreneur, from failure to success. 
At a time when the world crisis has imposed failure as a common and widespread experience, Luigi Zoia starts from his own personal experience to outline a useful path for leaders, entrepreneurs, managers and anyone in difficult conditions, to overcome adversity starting from the reconstruction of self-awareness.

From failure to success.
The story of a man who faces life, his difficulties and his fears.

«It was 1990: I was 42 years old and I was practically bankrupt, with water at my throat. The money was gone and the debts were growing every day. I felt suffocated and at the same time I was missing the floor. It was like falling into a bottomless hole. Failure. Defeat. [...]
There was only one way out of the whirlpool I'd gotten myself into.  A very simple way and at the same time extremely difficult to achieve..."»

With the story of his life Luigi Zoia explains how to ride the wave of energy and redirect it from within to build new futures.

We seem to be condemned to live an existence whose essence sometimes seems to escape us.

Nevertheless, when we fall, we must learn to accept defeat and then get up again. To do so, we must be able to change the meanings of the world that besieges us, change the metaphor of our lives, and transform the energy of fear into the ability to act in the interests of all.

In fact, the real path to success is not a struggle to win by clashing against the adversities we encounter, but a path of conciliation of those conflicts that originate within us and are projected onto the screen of the external world represented by our daily existence.

  • Uomo&Manager

    «A book that gives courage»

  • Donna Moderna

    «The right philosophy to rise up.»

  • L'Impresa

    «Leaders who can generate conscious well-being will have an extra edge.»

Luigi Zoia

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