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Entrepreneurial Mindset - corse

Accelera il tuo successo in un mondo in continuo cambiamento.

This course transforms you, teaching you how to change your mental patterns, allowing you to develop and realize your potential and achieve your true goals.

The Entrepreneurial Mindset, not necessarily confused with entrepreneurial activity, is designed to transform you from victim to protagonist. It installs a new mindset aimed at growth so that you can take over the direction of your life. It supports you in implementing your personal vocation and goals. It teaches you how to manage responsibility for the consequences of your actions.

Globalization and digital technology are creating accelerated changes in our lives that are difficult to manage. My experience has taught me that one of the most functional responses to dealing with these profound challenges is to abandon the old employee culture and embrace an Entrepreneurial Mindset to ensure our success in a world that continues to change.

The Entrepreneurial Mindset, not necessarily to be confused with entrepreneurial activity, is a mental attitude aimed at growth, to take back the direction of one's life in line with one's personal vocation, one's goals and taking responsibility for the consequences of one's actions.

It is an intensive 40-day course that also teaches how to choose one's moods in order to reach increasingly higher levels of "personal empowerment".

Whether we are engineers, lawyers, traders, employees, managers, executives or entrepreneurs, or we are still looking for our way, we may have opaque areas that are blocking our growth and success.

The "Entrepreneurial Mindset" course helps us to clarify these opaque areas and turn blocked energy into growth. It makes us able to express our full potential. It is a powerful platform on which to build and realize our dreams and give more meaning to our lives.

The course transforms us into directors, actors and protagonists of our individual stages, teaches us to choose, write and implement fresh scripts, and no longer follow those we inherited or were assigned and that are no longer working.

The course is practical, experiential. In 40 days through specialized daily checks and tasks, it creates new attitudes and new thinking habits more functional to today's challenges.

This experience leads to a new sense of identity. It changes the perception of situations and decision-making processes. It is highly tailored to each participant and respects their needs and requirements. It allows to become part of a community of people who follow the same path, respecting the personalism of each one.


"Entrepreneurial Mindset course taught me to "feel" myself with my heart and no longer predominantly with my mind. Exercises done with perseverance have cleansed the inside of me. It is a process of destructuring that has gradually allowed me to understand more who I am and what I want. By changing the perception I have of myself, the perception I have of the world and of others has changed.
During the first week of the course I took time to do the exercises. Already from the second week my day took place almost entirely with a view to achieving the objectives set by the exercises. So I made that kind of mindset my own more and more. I finally understood, not only with my mind but with my heart, that I am the one responsible for what happens in the "here and now" and this gives me strength.
I have learned to be more disciplined and to respect my commitments. There is no excuse: things are done because that is how you achieve your goals.
I have learned to formulate my goals better from the point of view of abundance and not deprivation.
What you get out of the course depends on how seriously you put yourself into it. The energies spent are many but it's as if they were given back to me by giving me more and more desire to do. In fact I am much less tired than before.
The course is an awakening to life because it stimulates me to create and find my own personal paradigm, at all levels and in all areas."

Cristina Gattei

"It's changing my life.."

Paola Garzoni

"The idea became a project, the initiative was approved and my new business started!
...I look at who I was and have a pleasant feeling when I see the progress made, although I am aware that there is still work to be done.
It is only after 40 days that I like to see that some changes are already evident to the people I love the most. 
I savour at all times, even as I write, the pleasure that comes from being aware of the improvements achieved. 
Everything I am doing allows me to continue to grow. On some activities there is still some uncertainty, but this state of uncertainty no longer blocks me. The path I have taken has turned this uncertainty into a stimulus to go all the way!"

Guido Ruggeri

Luigi Zoia

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