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Transformational Awareness - Workshop

The workshops are full-immersion experiences in the successful principles of Luigi Zoia's philosophy. They make you experience first-hand and integrate the principles exposed in his autobiography.
Luigi Zoia overturns traditional methodologies, teaching how to face and resolve adversity and conflict without violence, transforming them energetically. He teaches us to read beyond appearances, to perceive reality as a mirror of ourselves, not to accept defeat, showing us how to continue until we achieve success.
One of the secrets to get up each time consists in regaining meaning and reinterpreting situations, to transform the energy of fear into concrete realizations.
Luigi Zoia has extracted these principles from his experience as an international Karate champion, bank manager and entrepreneur. In his workshops he shares his model in a practical and experiential way, so that everyone can apply it immediately in their own lives.

The seminars help participants orient themselves within the changing world, providing guidance to transform disorientation and loss of reference points into self-awareness. This is why Luigi Zoia, author of the book "Falling seven times... getting up eight times", leads his self-empowerment workshops.

Confindustria Como

Tuesday 29 October 2019

Managers today must be able to respond to pressure and opportunities from inside and outside their companies. More and more often they find themselves having to manage and guide organizational change processes, in an ever-changing world with no stable points of reference. Knowing how to orient and reinterpret situations every time are now fundamental managerial skills to face organizational development paths.

The workshop helps to transform change into a great opportunity, leading participants to abandon pre-established beliefs, which are obsolete. Yesterday's solutions are no longer applicable to today's situations, so you have to read with new eyes to see new opportunities.

Through the achievement of a deeper awareness one can overcome disorientation and find more effective organizational solutions, identifying new alternative approaches to work challenges and developing new strategies.

The workshop alternates:

  • multimedia presentations;
  • operational exercises;
  • practical simulations;
  • discussion groups and experience sharing.

Università Bocconi, Milano

Saturday 28 September 2019
Saturday 29 September 2018
Saturday 30 September 2017
Saturday 28 January 2017

Those who have participated in the workshops describe their experience in this way.

“It allows one to make progress in self-fulfillment.”

“A great example of the capacity for transformation and change.”

“The experience you don't expect, to change the way you think and live as a protagonist.”

“A surprising experience, very deep, that allows you to broaden your horizons and enrich your training with the skills of the future, that teaches you to connect with your inner self and to choose with awareness and in a functional way to your goals, that gives you the tools to remain firm and balanced in an increasingly dynamic, unstable and uncertain world.”

Luigi Zoia

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