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Transformational Mastery

Emotional Mindset

Corso Emotional Mindset

The "Emotional Mindset" path helps participants to close the Performance Gap that people experience in their work and improve their decision-making processes. Underperforming decisions in most cases are not due to lack of skills, but to internal inhibitory brakes that interfere with rational thinking. We know that we have to or want to do one thing, but then we don't do it or we do another.

Address the analysis of our emotional wounds so that they stop interfering in our decision-making process.

In fact our wounds affect our private and professional life, they prevent us from expressing and becoming who we are. They block us in the growth of our career and in achieving happiness and success. Our wounds correspond to the lessons we have come to learn in this life. Unconsciously as children we face this suffering by creating compensatory strategies.

As adults, sooner or later, we realize that these strategies do not work and we can decide to face them, thus starting a path of personal and professional growth conscious.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Corso Entrepreneurial Mindset

This course transforms you, teaching you how to change your mental patterns, allowing you to develop and realize your potential and achieve your true goals.

The Entrepreneurial Mindset, not necessarily confused with entrepreneurial activity, is designed to transform you from victim to protagonist

It installs a new mindset aimed at growth so that you can take over the direction of your life. It supports you in implementing your personal vocation and goals. It teaches you how to manage responsibility for the consequences of your actions.

Transformational Mastery Practice

Percorso di praticantato

In the "Transformational Mastery" course we unlearn everything that was dysfunctional, learned until today.

The newly acquired knowledge needs to be integrated and replace everything that has been unlearned. To get it into our cells it is necessary, as in sport or other professions, to practice the new skills on a daily basis.

It took courage to identify the old beliefs that were not ours and totally conditioned our relationship with the world. Now it takes courage and discipline to continue to discover who we really are, what we want, and to keep ourselves free from the old parental and cultural conditioning of which we were prisoners.

Luigi Zoia

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