— Empowering people to find their inner strength —

Emotional Mindset

Close your performance gap that you experience in your decision-making processes and influence your results.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Accelerate your success by adapting your mindsets to a changing world.

Transformational Awareness

Immerse yourself in the success principles of Luigi's philosophy. Start your self-empowerment path.

How to find your passion and live your mission.

Start from what interests you the most and dedicate yourself to learning how to do it well, until it gets under your skin, in your bones.

The humanistic vision of conscious leadership.

The style of conscious leadership is gradually replacing the old styles of profit-based leadership at all costs through a renewed business ethic.


For years I have wondered what it was and how to achieve it, and only recently have I realized that awareness is the result of deep curiosity. When we are deeply interested and curious, we accept everything we see, without judging and without comparing it to a standard or what it should be.

About me

Luigi Zoia, born in Milan in 1948, married, has recently chosen as his permanent residence the city of Santo Domingo, the birthplace of his wife Eliana Fiallo.

Sportsman, manager and entrepreneur with great international experience. He has written his autobiography and regularly holds workshops to share his experiences. The purpose is to provide a reference to those who want to realize their vocation in a concrete way, developing their potential with authenticity".

Luigi tells his story

The story of a man who faces life, his difficulties and his fears.

We seem to be condemned to live an existence whose essence sometimes seems to escape us. Yet when we fall, we must learn to accept defeat and then rise again. To do so, we must be able to change the meanings of the world that besieges us, change the metaphor of our lives, and transform the energy of fear into the ability to act in the interest of all. In fact, the real path to success is not a struggle to win by clashing against the adversities we encounter, but a path of conciliation of those conflicts that, originating within us, are projected onto the screen of the external world represented by our daily existence.

Luigi shares his philosophy and experiences


The workshops are full-immersion experiences of the successful principles of Luigi's philosophy. Luigi brings to life, in a practical and experiential way, the principles exposed in his autobiography. During the workshops participants emotionally integrate the principles necessary to achieve professional success.

Luigi Zoia

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