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How to find your passion and live your mission.

You have to start with what interests you most and devote yourself to learning how to do it well. Initially according to external canons, learn everything you know about it and then implement everything until it gets under your skin, in your bones.

You have to put all of yourself into practicing what you have learned, not just understanding. Many people stop there out of laziness. You need discipline, firmness and constancy in practice. It is not something you do to please others or external standards.  Goals need to be moved inward so that research, application skills and learning never ends. One thing you can always improve, find different circumstances in which to apply it in different ways. You must feel the pleasure and healthy pride in being good, along with the frustration that you could be better. You feel very humble at the same time because you actually know very little about what there is to know and can be done. You become curious, thinking about what you don't yet know and continue the practice towards excellence. Because it is a moving goal.

This is achieved only by putting all of yourself until you become an expert, the best of all (not for others but for yourself, because you are never satisfied!). At a certain point the goal moves and changes itself as you grow. At some point it becomes an internal research, a challenge with yourself. Work and play lose their boundaries and blend into each other. You no longer wonder how many hours you're working, you stop when you're exhausted and resume as soon as your energy returns. The secret is how you learn to relate to what you do. From your symbolic meaning to what you do. The meaning you give to what you do turns it from boring to fascinating, because everything you do has no intrinsic meaning. You decide what meaning you give and how you choose to relate. If there is not this passage inside you do not find the curiosity to transform what you do into a fascinating, mysterious and magical adventure. Then and only then you become what you are doing, there are no more separations. This is the level of mastery. This process transforms you, and transforms others around you. What you produce has something unique in the world: your essence. The deep gift with which you were born that now you finally begin to share with others. You create uniqueness, excellence that cannot be copied because it carries your DNA, unique in the world. **(Jiro Ono master of Sushi)

At this point you are living your passion to the full and you are fulfilling your mission. Passion is like hot water if you don't keep the fire burning, passion cools down until it goes out **(M. Hiroshi Shirai). The internal fire can be lit and only you can keep it on. If you use the fire of others, when you get to the point of suffering represented by your internal block you stop. Without the internal fire that keeps and grows the passion, the suffering transcends the pleasure and you abandon and retreat. You are content to live a mediocre life, regretting lost opportunities and dreams never realized.

This is a paradigm shift, a change of level. It is a transition that catapults you from career to mission. It diminishes the attraction of the superficial glitter of the status symbol crutches. It decreases the need for emotional addiction that seeks recognition from others to nurture pride and self-esteem. You begin to respond and fulfill deeper realization needs and share with others a unique and priceless value: your deep authenticity.

Luigi Zoia

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