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My sports career

Luigi Zoia, born in Milan in 1948, married, lives between the United States and the Dominican Republic, the birthplace of his wife Eliana Fiallo. This allows him to travel easily both to Europe and the USA where their two daughters live.

He was born in the frugal and laborious Milan of the post-war reconstruction. He grew up accompanied by the stories of his father, director of an Italian bank. Stories of an Italy that had left its mark: the war and the imprisonment of his father under the Germans.

Still in high school, he began the practice of Shotokan Karate under the strict guidance of M. Hiroshi Shirai, who trained him in the tradition of "bushido", the culture of Japanese samurai values.

America and work

In the meantime, he graduated in Bocconi at the beginning of the '70s, he experienced first-hand the period of student protest and the evolution of the great postmodern cultural movement. Through Citibank he opened up to international banking experience in one of the best schools of business organization existing at the time. He continued as a real estate entrepreneur in New York, where he discovered and made his own the cultural differences and values of entrepreneurial activity. After moving to international finance, he successfully launched a hedge fund management company, making it one of the top 10 in Europe in three years.

Integrating his experiences

In 2005 he began a long sabbatical, driven by his personal need to integrate his past experiences and deepen the responsibility he felt as an individual towards the world and life. He completed this phase with the founding of CBG Conscious Business Group in 2010.

He wrote his autobiography and regularly holds webinars and workshops with which he shares his experiences. The aim is to provide a reference to those who are motivated to realize their vocation in a concrete way, developing their potential with authenticity.

Luigi Zoia

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