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Conscious Leadership

The conscious leader creates within himself and outside in the world something that has never existed before, combining mission with profit, thus tempering the spasmodic research of the latter with a unified approach, allowing him to act without internal contradictions.

The apparent contradiction between profit and mission, that is, the common good, is only superficial; in reality the two are complementary. Profit without the common good is not sustainable in the long term, just as the social good also needs profit. The two must be sought simultaneously in a harmonious way as the symbol of Yin and Yang. 

To do so, it is necessary to face the mission and profit through a mind-heart integration; because the mind by its nature, sees only the superficial contradictory dichotomy and fails to grasp its deep unitary essence, which is the result of a process of internal fusion and a consequent raising of the level of consciousness and awareness.


The conscious leader: "homo novus" of business in the 21st century

The world is changing: the traditional certainties and patterns on which people's way of life and work were based are crumbling, affecting all social and productive structures, including companies.

The current epochal turning point - at the same time cultural, social, political and economic - requires new eyes, a renewed capacity for vision to transform our old way of perceiving the world and guide the transformation of business in the 21st century with business solutions adapted to the new circumstances.

A fluid, dynamic, constantly evolving reality is emerging, a reality that requires new leadership and a "homo novus" capable of creating something inside and outside in the world that has never existed before. This man is the conscious leader.

The Conscious Leader...

  • honours its mission through its actions on a daily basis;
  • knowing that in order to grow you have to give and not just take;
  • align the mind with the heart and with the acquired skills;
  • practice the precious art of gratitude and forgiveness;
  • can listen to others and interacts with understanding and empathy;
  • aims at cooperation rather than competition;
  • choose growth to security;
  • moves towards higher and higher and universal (moral) values, expanding one's awareness.


Luigi Zoia

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